Manual for loader

Vectors are really fun to work with. Illustrator which is a relatively good program otherwise, is not optimal when comparing curve handling in most of the 3D software available now. Nevertheless the clean outcome using lines and gradients is nice.
In this case it is a balance between adding details with meaning, and not loosing focus on what is important, but also avoid a tedious outcome. The images shown below are a part of the actual manual, and in style same as the one before, which I made.


Leafs all over

This one was more tricky than it seemed first. I have done offset images before, (for tiling purposes), but this one had to be done from a different angle. Many leafs had to be duplicated some cloned halfway and adjusted along the seams, plus additional digital artistry underneath, on strategic spots. The end result was satisfying. This was an eye-opener for me, and very  fun to do. I had to pull out the old school artist in me.


Socks in 3D

I had the opportunity to work with socks and “haute couture” for the brand Topeco.
The idea was to have the rendered images on the backside of a package.
I hope they were used, but if not, the project in itself was fun. I did not realize how much work it was though. In the end I learned a lot. Firstly there were not many photos of the socks, and the texture mapping was somewhat tricky. Took some photos of the real ones with my mobile phone, to get a base texture. The end result was ok, after a lot of testing.



Tight schedule

As a “free agent”, it is always fun to se other places and meet new people. The downsides can be short lead times and new task to learn at the same time. As Lars Von Trier used to say -“you have to take the bad with the good”, or something similar, which is usually the case when jumping from a job to another. I was a part of a summer team working for Aj in Halmstad, with the below seen catalogue. That was all of the above, plus that I had to stay at a hotel directed to me by the supernice jobnanny that I had, who landed the job for me in the first place. I also had time for jogging since I had no computer the first month at the hotel. During that period I had to maintain a stiff upper lip, since the well known “Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo” hit me and made the lasting 4 weeks quite stressful. The nights were a pain… since I had to sit up and sleep, to avoid vertigo, as much as possible. But the whole experience was still great.


This was a “design” prop, / conversation piece, for a short movie venture. I got involved in the project through a contact in an investment company. Interesting project since the piece was later printed in 3D. Because of that it had to be altered technically, and reinforced. It was really fun and gave me new insights in the 3D printing world.

I have never worked in Zbrush or Mudbox etc, and this was modelled entirely in Maya, wich on the other hand was good due to som issues with max poly limit. The model was exported into obj and re-pivoted in Rhino for stl wich is the printing format at the time.

It was printed with some earlier model of Makerbot. It is now a part of Stratasys, and what I have heard the development of the next/new generations are not as priceworthy.


Loa 3D character, second or third draft. The bags had to be moved to the front, and details reinforced.



washing instructions

Graphics for a webb based company… Instructions for washing fabric.  After a while it became more of a line art type of work. Actually very rewarding to work with vectors.


Combining artefacts


Power of 3D is when you can render any details, and by just changing the camera angle create a whole new image.

Here is the whole image from a front perspective. My computer is a bit slow, but these kind of renderings it can handle quite all right. Everything is 3D except the background clouds, from at photo taken by Alan_Hirschmugl. The car body is in two parts and thus the hard edge in the middle.


Shapes that comes into mind

Starting here with something new for me, like posting images that are experimental and just done for fun. Design in general and art combined into a web of image and mood, with a touch of tech try outs. Links and strange stuff will appear hopefully creating a interesting blend for anyone who stumbles in here…